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Our unique and smart referring system "Share and get paid" will supply you a unique link to share and send to your friends, and when they sign up and starts paying - you too start to earn on a monthly basis FOR A WHOLE YEAR!

Program Highlights:

·       You earn 15% of the affiliated commission plan without any limit! (in simple words: every revenue we get like $1000, you make 150$ of it, for a year!)

·       Earnings are calculated only from affiliated payments, if the user did not pay, or received a refund, you will not receive a commission from that transaction.

·       Profit Claiming can be requested for a balance of $100 and above only. Payment will be transferred to you up to one time in a calendar month.

·       The funds will reach you in 30 days after your affiliated paid us.

·       Funds availability is the time that passes between the payment was done and until you can claim your money.

·       For example: if a friend started paid us $1000 for the relevant month, you can claim your first 150$ within 30 days according to the minimum amount of 100$.

·       Price backers affiliate program is not enabled to Not Paid users or anyone who is not part of Price backers user base


·       Price backers owners can update, change, and cancel the affiliate program or parts of its terms at any time without further notice.

·       Any suspicious or unauthorized use, abuse, or inappropriate usage of your link or the affiliate program will remove you from the program immediately and your funds will be erased.

·       Price backers owners can reduce and cancel funds from your affiliate if we find a reasonable reason to do so, such as a refund to the affiliated person, or any other reason.